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A company that organizes international fishing championships.

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About us and our goals

Our team has long-lasting experience from the positions of competitors as well as organisers in Czech and international enviroment. The competitions are aimed at adults as well as children. 

Our target is to offer to competitors and to attendees an unforgetable experience. When organising a competition, we try to set such rules and criteria to make the outcome as just as possible and to allow everyone to show their skills.

Team of professionals

Petr Šurek | Tereza Aster Vágnerová | Jakub Vágner | Vít Černý

Benefits of the championship

biggest in the CZE

100 pegs

depth up to 8 m

flooded village

flooded forest

About the championship

Each competition combines for us work with a lifetime hobby and therefore we do our best to reach perfection - in the fields of organisation as well as atmosphere.

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It was founded in 1990 by splitting from the Czech Fishing Union on the basis of decree of the constituent congress held in Znojmo.

Vocation of association:

  • Association of citizens led by common interest in fishing within the meaning of the legislation governing fisheries

  • Applying common interest of branch associations as organizational units of the Union

  • Participation in the protection of nature, landscape and environment

  • Participating in education of children and youth in the field of fisheries, landscape, nature and environment protection

  • Developing and popularizing of fishing and sport angling.

Major and minor management activity:

  • The main activity of the Moravian fishing association is fulfilling the mission and tasks specified in code of rules. Business or other gainful activity is not the main activity of the association or its organizational units.

  • The main activities of the Moravian Fishing Association can be financed from membership fees, income from sale of permits to fish, revenues from the sale of fish stocks and fish market, grants and subsidies, gifts and profit from secondary activity.

  • Association and its organizational units can develop secondary economic activity only to support the main activities or economical use of federal property.

  • Profit from the activities of the association and its organizational units can be used only for club activities including the management of the association, and organizational units.

Ancillary economic activities of the Association are:
a) Organization of professional, social and sporting events in the field of fisheries
b) Production of fish stocks and fishes for market sale.


  • The Moravian Fishing Association provides management of fishing grounds in the region of Southern Moravia, for the vast majority of the region of Zlín and partly in the region of Olomouc and the Highlands.


Morava River basin d.p. provides management, operation and maintenance of watercourses and water facilities in the basin of river Morava.

On an area of 21,132 square kilometers manages a total of:

  • 10 770 km watercourses (thereof 3 754 significant watercourses)

  • 1 109 km levees

  • 30 significant water reservoirs

  • 137 small dams

  • 175 weirs and 95 water levels

  • 13 lock chambers

  • 15 small hydropower plants

The river basin management is divided between three concerns with headquarters in Náměstí nad Oslavou, Olomouc and Uherské Hradiště. Company is operating in territory of 7 regions and 67 towns with extended powers.

Main activities are stated by founding document and arise from legal standards, especially Act no. 254/2001 Coll. “about waters”, Act no. 305/2000 Coll. “about river basins” and Act no. 77/1997 Coll. “about government companies” as amended. These include:

  • management and maintenance of significant and defined small watercourses, including flows borders

  • manipulation and maintenance of water works

  • detection and assessment of surface and underground water

  • investment activities including flood control measures

  • condition monitoring and maintenance of river beds and coastal land, preparing and ensuring their adjustments

  • providing technical, economic and other data on-demand water authorities submitting suggestions, proposals and statements for administrative decision making in the state in water management

  • creating conditions for legitimate water management

  • cooperation in remedying accidents on watercourses

  • managing and influencing water management within the water management system

  • activities in the field of planning under the water act

  • activities of accredited laboratories

  • surveying service

  • consultancy

  • electricity production

  • fisheries


Lake Novomlýnská is the fourth largest reservoir in the Czech Republic. The area of the lake under the Pálava Hills exceeds 1600 hectares which makes it the biggest fishery in Moravia (eastern part of the Czech Republic). There is enough room for all of the 96 teams. The reservoir lies in the southernmost part of South Moravia between the towns of Brno and Břeclav. This area is known for the warmest climate in the country. 

Novomlýnská is a part of the complex of 3 lakes on the 235 km long river Dyje. The upper lake is called Musovska, the middle one Vestonicka, and the lower one Novomlynska. They were built between 1975 and 1988 and serve for flood protection, electricity production, irrigation and of course recreation, including carp fishing. Novomlýnská is not only the biggest of these lakes but also the deepest. The maximum depth is only 8 meters which makes it extremely rich in nutrients. Thanks to that all the fish species in the lake grow faster than in the rest of the country.

Mussel invasion

The fish have also enough shelters at the bottom of the lake. The flooded area was originally full of bottomland forests, vineyards and villages. Many of those structures remain at the bottom of the lake and are very well known to the fishermen. Together with a vast population of mussels they make this lake extremely challenging to the carp fisherman. The native mussels were a slightly problematic issue in the past, but not a serious one, as they live mainly near the bottom. But the invasive zebra mussel (dreissena polymorpha) has completely changed the rules of the game in recent years. They are everywhere – on the stumps, sunk trees, and stones. They also endanger the maintenance of the lake as they are overpopulated even in the machines controlling the Novomlýnská dam. They are extremely sharp and because of them it is very difficult, or nearly impossible, to land a large carp from the shore. Shock leaders made of steel wire are not rare and the biggest fish are mostly landed from a boat.

There is also another reason why the biggest carp are caught from a boat. This is due to a very strange rule in South Moravia. It permits to use a boat to get the rig to the water when fishing from the shore but simultaneously you can fish directly from a boat. Night fishing is permitted and the local villages fight against the bivvies outside the camping grounds. This is why the carp fishermen move from the shore to boat fishing and often put their life into hazard in the waves exceeding one meter. The good news is that during Stair 2 Hell there will be temporary exceptions. Night fishing and boat fishing will be allowed.

Storms without warning

The three reservoirs have stabilised the climate in the area, but the immediate proximity of the Pálava Hills and no wind shadow bring very strong storms which come without any warning. Because of these swift weather changes boat fishing is very risky. Some of the locals would say - that it is a domain of crazy people.

ut the storms and wind are much better for carp fishing than windless days, that are very common at Novomlýnská in summer. Together with water full of blue-green algae creating strong green crust at the surface and lack of oxygen they cause, that carp stop biting completely all around the lake. Let`s hope this will not be the case during the event. The good news is, that the windless days don`t last forever and the championship is long enough…

Trophy carps

In terms of the carp population Lake Novomlýnská is, together with the river Labe, the best carp fishing venue in the Czech Republic and one of the best in Europe. The average fish is a common carp between 7 and 11 kg. They are supported by the large army of breams and heavy grass carps and catfish who will probably get some participants into trouble. But there are also large carps. Commons over 20 kg are no exception. If you have some knowledge it is very likely that you catch it within one week expedition. Mirror carp is quite rare but the lake was stocked by a very perspective generation of mirrors in the last years. Their average weight is also higher.

There have been many rumours about carps over 30 kg landed at Lake Novomlýnská but they have never been confirmed with quality picture. The reason why those fish aren`t regular in this lake is that many of the carp are, despite the protection, still being killed or stolen to the private lakes. The situation is much better than in past but isn`t perfect yet.

There have been many rumours about carps over 30 kg landed at Lake Novomlýnská but they have never been confirmed with quality picture. The reason why those fish aren`t regular in this lake is that many of the carp are, despite the protection, still being killed or stolen to the private lakes. The situation is much better than in past but isn`t perfect yet.

We are also sure that you will enjoy the championship anyway as this area is a place where time goes by slower in the culture rich recreation area, in chats with friendly local people and under the spell of delicious wine from the slopes around Lake Novomlýnská. See you there.

Every race is not only a job for us, but mainly our life hobby.

come and see yourself