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After arriving to the car park, teams draw the order in which they will go to the main peg draw. Any team member can draw. The team that does not arrive to the attendance check-in in time (after a proper apology) will draw from the remaining pegs after the official draw. It is not possible to change or trade the pegs with other teams.


It is strictly forbidden to leave or to move in any way at the chosen peg after the draw. A team caught present at the peg, will be issued a yellow card. If any team is caught on the water from October 7, 2023 until the start of the championship, on any part of the lake, the team will be excluded from the competition. Teams can depart for the particular pegs not earlier than on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 3 pm (in an official convoy of vehicles).


The entire peg draw is streamed online on Youtube, Facebook or the Stairs2Hell Instagram.Teams can record their own footage, but it is not allowed to do so directly on the stage. The member who is recording, must stay below the stage.