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Teams consist of two or three members. One team can fish with 4 rods at maximum. In caseany of the teams catches with more rods, the team will be immediately excluded from the championship without any compensation! Teams can also use the fifth and sixth rod, but only for spodding and markering.


Only competitors can camp, use boats and fish 24 hours a day, precisely and only during the competition.

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Only rigs on each rod whose bait would be released if it is torn shall be permitted. A rig may contain only one rig and one hook. Barbed hooks are allowed.


It is FORBIDDEN to use drop lead bait. Instead, only natural stones may be used, (except for the stones from the dam), iron or concrete weights. Lead loads may only be used for castingor for fishing with "IN LINE" rigs.


The use of bait boats is FORBIDDEN.


Beating fish is allowed from a boat, ashore or from the water itself, but up to the waist deep the highest and 10 metres from the shore at maximum. In case of a lower water level, the marshal may allow a further distance.


Marking of the peg is allowed only with a pole buoy. Each team can use 4 pole buoys at maximum (they can be equipped with low light-emitting light sources). Any other means of marking the peg are prohibited.


Any forms of bottom mapping, feeding, baiting, etc. is allowed only after the competition is officially started. The permitted baiting distance is 500 meters. Both the echo sounders and GPS are allowed.


When using the boat, each competitor has the obligation to wear a life jacket. In case of violation of this regulation, the team will be issued a yellow card.