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The organizer reserves the right to modify the rules in case of an urgent need. All competitorsexpress their agreement with these rules, which they confirm by paying the entry fee and their signatures at the registration.


It is strictly forbidden to remove stones on the embankment of the dam or to use them to fasten the bivvy, etc. It is also forbidden to damage the concrete embankment with nails, pins, etc. If any of these offenses will be detected, a fine will be imposed to the team, to what extent will be determined by Povodí Moravy Sp.


If the championship is not fulfilled completely, the amount of prizes will be adjusted according to the number of entering teams, see 18D. If the championship is cancelled due to a governmental regulation or other decision of state administration body (Covid 19, etc.), we are entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with the preparation of the championship in the amount of 60% of the starting fee, 40% of the total amount paid will be refunded to the competitors. By paying the first part of the entry fee, teams agree to all the conditions of the Stairs2Hell 2023, the payment system and the cancellation policy. Alongside, they agree with the amount of costs associated with the preparation of the championship in 60% of the starting fee.


In case the championship capacity is not fully occupied, the financial prizes will abide by thefollowing scheme. Other prices remain unchanged.

Number of teams / 1st  place / 2nd place / 3rd place

60 teams / 12.000 EUR / 6.000 EUR / 3.000 EUR

75 teams / 15.000 EUR / 7.500 EUR / 4.000 EUR

90 teams / 18.000 EUR / 9.000 EUR / 4.000 EUR

100 teams / 20.000 EUR / 10.000 EUR / 5.000 EUR


If any team member violates the public order (aggressive behaviour, attacking other participants, disturbing night's peace and quiet, etc.) in the championship area or anywhere in the pegs, the whole team will be immediately expelled from the championship without any compensation and is obliged to leave promptly.


All participants of the Stairs2Hell championship participate at their own risk and the organizer does not take any responsibility for any harm. All participants confirm that they have been acknowledged with the championship conditions, with its location and are obliged to provide themselves with protective equipment in order to prevent possible accidents or drowning.


Professional cameramen and photographers will be present throughout the event. All participants are obliged to be fully available and meet their requirements. By signing the registration, the competitors give their consent to make records of them without the right of any remuneration and they agree to use this material for commercial purposes.