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Teams will leave the embankment after the end of the championship on Saturday, October 15, 2023 at 10:30 am the latest and will park their cars in the central parking lot. Subsequently, they move on foot to the closing registration itself.


It is a duty of each team to deregister from the championship. A team that does not deregister will not be able to participate in the next year of Stairs2Hell!


At the end of the championship, the team will hand in both GPS trackers during the closing registration. If the team returns the trackers undamaged, the deposit will be refunded in full.Otherwise, the deposit will be reduced according to the extent of damage.


As a part of the prize ceremony of the Stairs2Hell 2023 championship, there will be a draw for one free starting place for Stairs2Hell 2024. Only teams that properly deregister from the championship can participate in this draw. In case of being chosen, the full team, in which they participated in the championship, must take the prize. If the drawn team is not complete, there will be another draw for a free starting place.