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Each team is obliged to park their vehicles in the marked central parking lot. When entering the central parking lot, teams draw the order of the peg draw.


The team parks all its vehicles strictly in the places marked with the number corresponding to the draw order. Then they move on foot to the entry registration itself (Strachotín municipal office).


The entry registration is not possible without drawing the order for the subsequent peg draw.


During the entry registration, teams are obliged to:

  1. Submit the draw order to be checked.

  2. Submit valid fishing licenses and permits for fishing at the Dyje 5 area (461 024) to be checked.

  3. Check their contact details.

  4. Sign agreement of personal data processing (GDPR).

  5. Pick up GPS trackers and pay a refundable deposit for them.


All team members must be present at the entry registration. In case not all team members are present, the team is not allowed to register and the team will not be allowed to continue in the competition. An exception can only be granted in case of a proper apology to the email: info@stairs2hell.cz. A team that neither properly registers nor apologizes in time will not be able to participate in the competition and the full amount of the entry fee will be forfeited to the organizer.