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Only three heaviest carp are scored, from their weights the final sum is counted, which determines the order of the individual teams. (However, it is not absolutely necessary to catch three scoring carp. It is possible to win with one scoring carp if its weight is higher than the sum of the weights of three scoring carp of another team.) The carp is scored from 7 kilograms up. A special prize for "yield" will also be included in the competition in 2023. The sum of the weights of all scoring fish will be evaluated.


After catching scored carp, one of the members of the successful team contacts their marshal by a mobile phone. The marshal weighs the fish, takes a picture of the competitor with an official catch board, records the catch in the Mobile Fishing application and records the caught carp in the team´s card and the marshal´s card. The catch in the Mobile Fishing application and both the cards will be confirmed by the team member and the marshal with their signatures. Without notifying the marshal of the catch, the team must not manipulatewith the rod on which the carp was caught (cast, bait) in any way. Each catch over 20 kg will be confirmed by a signature by a member of a neighboring team.


If a difference between the results in the competitor's card and the marshal´s card occurs, the marshal's card is authoritative and the competitor's card will not be taken into account.


If carp is hooked just before the end of the competition, there is 20 minutes limit after the competition to beat it and bring it ashore. If they do not make it by this time, this carp will not be included in the competition result. For any carp to be counted, the following requirements must be met:

a) Immediately after the bite, notify the marshal by SMS. Other forms of notification will not be taken into account. If the marshal is not being informed by 8:00 (end of the competition/horn), this carp will not be counted in the final results.

b) The carp must be caught and transported ashore by 8:20 am (the time of getting the carp ashore will be confirmed by the marshal by taking a photo). If the team does not manage to hit the shore by boat with the caught carp by 8:20, this carp will not be counted in thechampionship result.


A team with at least three fish officially recorded in their card are allowed to return smallerfish immediately to the water. This does not apply if the team catches carp weighing more than 15 kilograms. A yellow card will be issued to the team if a violation of this rule is found.


The competition adheres to the “catch and release” system. All caught fish must be returned to the Lake Novomlýnská as soon as possible.