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Marshal reprimand - (e.g. for transporting carp in the boat without using a mat, etc.) In case of the second reprimand, the team will be issued a yellow card.


A yellow card means that the penalized team must not neither have rods thrown for the next four hours, nor feed, nor map the bottom. If the penalized team is issued another yellow card during the competition, they are automatically issued a red card.


A red card means that the team is disqualified without any compensation and must leave their sector and the competition area immediately. The team results are cancelled.


A disqualified team must not participate in the Stairs2Hell championship for the next three years. If any of the competitors tries to bribe a marshal to influence the competition ranking, they will be excluded from the championship without any compensation, will never be able to participate in the Stairs2Hell championship again and all team members will be filed with a criminal complaint according to § 332 on bribery: Criminal Code - 40/2009 Coll.


 Any marshal can decide to issue a yellow card. Only the head marshal can issue the red card.