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The ceremonial act of awards will take place in the championship area. The winning teams will be announced in the following order - sectors, the winner of the “yield”, the heaviest fish of the championship, 3rd, 2nd, 1st place. If the team does not show up when being called out, the ceremony will continue to announce the next winners.


Teams that do not take over prizes and financial cheques within the official ceremony, forfeit their prizes, including the financial cheques. Material prizes will then be forfeited to thefollowing team in the ranking. Pardons from this rule can be granted in case of seriousreasons for absence – death in the family, serious injury or illness. These cases would be considered by a committee formed by the championship officials.


Financial prizes will be transferred to the bank accounts which are provided by the winning teams to the organizer. These financial prizes will be paid out to teams by the end of December 2023 at a rate of 1 EUR / 24 CZK. The winning teams will receive cups and material prizes at the official ceremony.