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Teams register via thoroughly completed application forms which can be found on the championship website. The registration will begin on November 1, 2022. Applications sent prior this date will not be considered.


The organizer fully reserves the right to select teams which will compete at Stairs2Hellchampionship. The maximum number of competing teams is 100.


Teams can consist of three members at maximum. All team members have equal rights. One member can be added to a team whose responsibility would be to stream the championship.Such teams are obliged to inform the organizer by e-mail about the presence of this team member. The team will send this piece of information to the address info@stairs2hell.cz no later than September 5, 2023. This member's participation is charged, see 2C.


All team members must be over 18 years of age. An exception to this rule may be granted if the team submits the under-aged member´s legal representative´s approval to participate in a Stairs2Hell championship.


Teams that have been selected by the organizer will receive an e-mail confirmation of the team's classification on the championship start list.


A team that cancels its registration after paying the first part or the entire entry fee will pay a handling fee of CZK 2,000. Starting March 1, it is not possible to return the entry fee (deposit). However, it is possible to find a replacement team. After the new team pays the entry fee, the original team payment will be returned to the team reduced by the handling fee.