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The pegs are marked with spray, a sign with the peg number and buoys on the lake (each buoyhas its own GPS coordinates. If a team loses the buoy for any reason, the GPS coordinatesthat the team has listed in the team´s card apply). Each team will have one or two buoys ready in their fishing sector (according to the drawn position), which they must place on the specified GPS positions once the championship is started, no longer than one hour after the championship starts. Manipulating with the buoys is forbidden from October 8, 2023 from 3 pm (the time can be extended in case of a boat ban)! If the buoys are not placed on the water in time, the team will be issued a yellow card.

If the buoy is moved due to the weather conditions, it is possible to return it to the GPS coordinates, but only with the assistance of a marshal. In case of manipulating with the buoy without a marshal, the team will be issued a yellow card.

Only the organizing staff is allowed to enter the peg during the competition. Other competitors and visitors can enter the sector only with the permission of the team members.Teams are allowed to build up their accommodation (bivvy) or place rods throughout their whole peg (with the exception of waterworks, see 18B).


In case that hooked carp enters a neighbouring sector while being caught and the fishing linesof a neighbouring team becomes entangled, that team may lodge a written complaint. After the protest is recognized, the team's carp will not be counted.The complaint must be submitted immediately before an official record of the carp is made by the marshal in the report of catch.


Each team is obliged to take over their peg prior the championship starts. They confirm they have taken the peg over by their signature in the register to the head marshal. If a team finds out they have nowhere to catch, even if the peg has been taken over, this team will be excluded from the championship without any compensation.


In case that any team catches in another team´s peg, they will be excluded from the championship without any compensation. It is a duty of each team to make sure that they catch in the right peg. The organizer will provide all competitors with GPS coordinates, which precisely define their peg.



Each competition day, 2 random teams will be drawn by the head marshall, these two teams will be checked what the rigs are concerned and the distances on which the rigs are laid on two selected rods. A randomly selected rod will be checked. If a violation of laing the rigsbehind a marked sector is found out, or the team happens to be using unallowed rigs, suchteam will be issued a red card and will be excluded from the championship without any compensation.


Feeding outside the marked fishing territory is prohibited. A team found to be feeding outside its own peg, will be issued a red card and will be disqualified from the championship without any compensation.


Each team will receive 2 pieces of GPS trackers during their registration for a refundable deposit of CZK 6,000. After moving to the peg, teams place each tracker in the boat according to the marshals' instructions. The head marshal then seals the trackers as a part of the taking over of the peg before the championship starts. Only a boat with a sealed tracker may be used in the competition. In case of a boat change during the competition, the team is obliged to contact the head marshal, who will seal the tracker in the new boat again. At the end of the championship, the marshals will unseal the trackers.

Using the trackers, the head marshal monitors the boats positions during the championship. In case that one team lodges a complaint against reaching their sector boundary by another team, the recording of the boat's route from the tracker is decisive for assessing the legitimacy of the protest.

After the championship, the team will hand over both trackers as a part of the closing registration. If the tracker remains undamaged, the deposit will be refunded. Otherwise, the deposit will be reduced according to the damage extent of the tracker.