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Each team can use up to two boats (at least one team member must remain on the shore at alltimes). The boat must have a minimum length of 260 cm and must not be single-compartment. The maximum length of the boat can be 5.5 meters. Only rowing or using electric propulsion is allowed.

Each boat must be fitted out during the whole championship with:

  • boatcheck indication,

  • a low light-emitting light source for night fishing (which must be used from dusk to dawn),

  • boat's horn (siren) - firmly attached to the ship,

  • a bucket for pouring water from the boat (must be firmly attached to the boat),

  • a tow rope, at least 5 meters long,

  • two oars,

  • a mat for safe fish transport to the shore,

  • a life-jacket for each team member complying with the EN 395, 396, 399 or EN 12402-5 standard. (Please note that FOX life-jackets have already lost their certification).


The marshals will check all the boats and their mandatory equipment prior the competitionstarts. Without a proper marshal´s check, boats are not allowed to be used for bottom mapping, feeding, baiting or beating fish, etc. If a team replaces the boat or any equipment that is a mandatory part of the boat during the competition (see Boatcheck), they are obliged to report it to their marshal, who will conduct a new inspection. A team failing to do so willbe issued a yellow card.


Each team is individually responsible for being visible from all sides at night. If a marshaldeclares a boat as impossible to see for the whole duration of the team´s on-water activities, the team will be issued a yellow card.


A ban to use boats may be announced during the competition. This ban will be posted on the championship official website and on Facebook. It can be applied either to the whole lake or only to a specific sector. Competitors will also be informed about the ban by the marshals.


Competitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs are forbidden to use the boat! In case that any of the team members enters the boat influenced by alcohol or drugs, the team will be issued a yellow card.


The boat must always be firmly moored to the shore or pulled ashore to prevent it fromspontaneous drifting. The organizer strongly recommends you to take a mat under the boat to avoid any damage on sharp stones. Alternatively, it is also possible to anchor the boat using a float.